Historically, goodie bags were filled with candy and often things that were quickly discarded. After being at a birthday party, having cake or ice cream or other treats, often the last thing the kids parents want them bringing home is more candy. To meet the changing times, my new goodie bags have no sugary treats, just fun healthy activities, it's a Mini Magic Kit! Each Goodie Bag contains 8 fun tricks the kids can learn and perform.

No more wondering how many you need to prepare or what to do with the extras. Just tell me approximately how many you need, I'll bring extras and you only purchase as many as you really need at the time of the party. Each Goodie Bag is just $5.00


A 10" wand handsomely packaged with a double sided brochure to get the kids started on their magical journey.


Make sure you check it twice so you don't forget anything!

Click here to download.


Twelve different invitations, each with a unique magic trick explained inside. Just print them, fold them in quarters, fill them in and send them out. Each has an easy to do magic trick inside to whet your guests appetite. Click here to download.


So at the end of the excitement you'll have a record of which gift came from which person, with a column to check off when Thank You's are sent.

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The optical billusion is a fun filled collection of 32 optical illusions.

Click this link for the solutions to all the illusions.

If you'd like to order more copies of the Billusion to hand out at your event, please email me.