You deserve to live your life of abundance with simplicity and style.

The Ironwood Wallet is designed for you to feel amazing about your well-organized finances.

The previous generation of wallets aren’t suited for your modern life.  Your grandfather threw his spine out by sitting on that tri-fold brick in his back pocket, and your grandma had to carry hers in a purse!

These days, the same kinds of wallets are too often made of fake leather, and age terribly.

Those bulky things make your pockets bulge out and look ridiculous. The Ironwood Wallet is designed as a front-pocket wallet that won’t wear out the denim of your pants.

Besides, how embarrassing is it to pull a filing cabinet out of your pocket in the checkout isle with an absurd mess of receipts, and cards you’ve forgotten you’re carrying?

Now, minimalist wallets have become the fashion, but they lack versatility. We all know that four card slots will not always suffice, especially at holiday time when you get all those gift cards. Most “minimalist” wallets, when packed full, become really tight and difficult to retrieve your cash from.

Introducing the Ironwood Wallet:

This is not a minimalist wallet.

It is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, while maintaining the versatility to adapt to your ever changing circumstances. Compact, versatile, extravagant yet simple.

Each Ironwood Wallet is truly one-of-a-kind, expressing the magical qualities of wood. Wallets that turn heads.

It can snugly hold just one card, yet easily expands as you add more cards so it can hold up to eighteen, without becoming laughably obtrusive. As you remove cards, it automatically contracts to hold its contents secure. No matter how many cards you keep in it, your cash is easily accessible under the genuine leather flap.